So Low – Episode 2


The cheeky and devilish twin sisters will be indecently corrupted by their guardian! In the guise of two serious girls, the devilish older sister, Kasumi, and the stupid and clumsy younger sister, Mitsuki, will begin to be obscenely instructed in discipline sessions by her tutor, a middle-aged guy.The twins pull all kinds of practical jokes to get rid of him, and he uses every trick he knows how to make them cum non-stop! Kasumi is forced to suck him off and experience the terror that a grown man can bring to her. In order to protect the foolish little sister from her, she decides to be the only victim of these pleasures! The confident devil girl, who has been toying with the men within her grasp, will now be desperately humiliated!

Date: January 2, 2024